The Effects of Magnesium to The Body

The Effects of Magnesium to The Body

Many of us don’t get enough magnesium in our daily diet. Due to our busy schedules, it is almost impossible for anyone to count every ounce of nutrients before eating ones food. Every cell in your body counts on magnesium. Whether directly and indirectly you can not function without magnesium. The lack of this may cause serious damage to your physical and mental health.

What magnesium does to our body?

Magnesium is our body's fourth largest mineral. It involves more than 600 cell processes, ranging from DNA to muscular contraction. Apart from this, it helps in the brain's health maintenance.

Brain’s health maintenance

In the transmission of messages between your brain and body, magnesium performs a vital function. It functions as a porter for the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors found in your nerve cytoplasm of a cell, the growth, memory, and learning of the brain. In healthy people, magnesium is located within the NMDA receptors, which prevents the activation of weak signals that might unnecessarily encourage your nerve cells.

Less NMDA receptors are inhibited when your magnesium level is low. This indicates that they are more likely than required to get aroused. Such an over-stimulation may destroy nerve cells and harm the brain

Lowers the risk of getting heart disease

It is still in theory but many doctors and scientists believe that magnesium can help with maintaining a good and healthy heart for a long period of time in an average human. A review of 40 trials involving over 1 million people revealed a reduction of 7 and 22 percent of the risk of stroke and cardiac insufficiency by 100 mg extra magnesium per day. These are two important cardiac risk factors.

Improves your sleep quality

If you can’t sleep well at night then how can you be active and productive all day? You will be lazy and frustrated all day long. This may lead to some serious health and mental issues. Magnesium can help you to fall asleep easily. As it helps the body and mind to relax and make falling asleep faster and in deeper sleep.

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